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    Lost phone connectivity after webservice call (java) on nokia 701 symbian belle

    I have a problem developing an application using web service on Nokia 701 with j2me. The web service client on the phone works fine. I can send and receive data, but I turned the webservice on the server off for some testing reasons. After a web service client call I got from the j2me application an exception as expected. After a few more calls the connection of the phone does not work anymore. The indicators on the top of the phone show full network connectivity but even if I exit the application I cannot receive or make outgoing calls. The internet browser also does not work. The only way out is to reboot the phone.
    I tried it on several Nokia 701 Phones with and without fp1.
    The code looks like this and is running in an own thread:
    private StringItem si;
    public void run() {
    try {
    Hello_Stub service;
    service = new Hello_Stub();
    String msg = service.getHello(name);
    si.setText("Message Receive: " + msg);
    } catch (Exception exception) {//some text}

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Lost phone connectivity after webservice call (java) on nokia 701 symbian belle

    Hmmm... that's a rather substantial bug...

    Not sure I can offer you much help, since all the magic happens inside the API implementation, and you don't have much control. Not many things you can do differently.

    For what it's worth, I had so many problems using JSR 172 on Series 60, because the implementation was so poor, that I ended up using HttpConnections, building the SOAP requests by hand (StringBuffer), and using kXML to parse the result. And wishing I wasn't using SOAP.


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