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    Question Error when installing PIPS 1.06(0)

    I downloaded a PIPS "update" from the Web. The filename is pips_s60_1_6_SS.sis.
    I'm using my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, with device software of version 60.0.003.

    When I first opened the .sis file, an install prompt appeared, showing the installation of "PIPS Installer" v 1.06(0). Then I pressed OK.
    After that it came another prompt telling me to install "Symbian OS PIPS Upgrade" v 1.06(0), and then I pressed OK for another time.
    Then the phone asked me where to install "245 kB". I chose C: Phone mem.
    Then a new install prompt that told me to install "Signal Server" v 1.06(0) appeared.
    And after I press OK this time, an "Update error" message appeared.
    This was the point I got stuck with.

    The same have happened on my every trials. I REQUIRE the Installation of PIPS of this particular version because I need to test it with an S60v5 App.

    Further Details: The cert for the "Signal Server" contains the following info:
    Issuer: Symbian CA I
    Subject: Nokia
    Valid from: 24 Aug 2009
    Valid until: 25 Aug 2019
    Serial number: 478200010023EA0693DF912F485F
    Fingerprint (SHA1): 1332 0242 C13E 6131 F21A 58E1 C4C9 509C EB7B B466

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    Re: Error when installing PIPS 1.06(0)

    "Update error" comes when there is something installed previously which conflicts with the installation packet you are trying to install.

    anyway, you should not install pips separately, you should let the Smart installer to install and fetch the latest and correct version needed for the device.

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