I downloaded a PIPS "update" from the Web. The filename is pips_s60_1_6_SS.sis.
I'm using my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, with device software of version 60.0.003.

When I first opened the .sis file, an install prompt appeared, showing the installation of "PIPS Installer" v 1.06(0). Then I pressed OK.
After that it came another prompt telling me to install "Symbian OS PIPS Upgrade" v 1.06(0), and then I pressed OK for another time.
Then the phone asked me where to install "245 kB". I chose C: Phone mem.
Then a new install prompt that told me to install "Signal Server" v 1.06(0) appeared.
And after I press OK this time, an "Update error" message appeared.
This was the point I got stuck with.

The same have happened on my every trials. I REQUIRE the Installation of PIPS of this particular version because I need to test it with an S60v5 App.

Further Details: The cert for the "Signal Server" contains the following info:
Issuer: Symbian CA I
Subject: Nokia
Valid from: 24 Aug 2009
Valid until: 25 Aug 2019
Serial number: 478200010023EA0693DF912F485F
Fingerprint (SHA1): 1332 0242 C13E 6131 F21A 58E1 C4C9 509C EB7B B466