1. I use WebView component in my application but when I open a page which contains a textfield area. When I click on it so I could type in it it doesn't get focused. They keyboard won't open and I do not know the way to open it manually that the clicked textfield keeps the focus. However it displays the cursor in it.

This happenes when I click it first time. If I click it again nothing else changes except that keyboard shows up now and I can write in it. I do keep this as an issue because everytime I want to write I need to click the object twice. I do not have any problems with links, though. They work normally with single click.

2. Another problem I'm having is that this (WebView or textfield component, not sure which one to blame ...) does not recognize when I finish the sentence and use dot, it does not automaticly start with uppercase after it. And this only happenes in WebView - I do not have problems otherwise.