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    Lightbulb When to use webview and when to redirect user to brower

    Well a tricky design/ architecture decision. Should all the URL links on a native app be shown in a web view or in an external browser. Having a webview will make sure the user never leaves the app, but how can we control when he goes off line. Redirecting the user to use a normal browser will close the app and its could also be an accidental click . Anyone else facing similar problems.

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    Re: When to use webview and when to redirect user to brower

    That's up to you,
    In my case if the page has a mobile web version and if the user might navigate in it instead of just viewing it then I prefer to open it in the browser, and that doesn't mean your app is closed, pressing the backbutton will navigate back to it.

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    Re: When to use webview and when to redirect user to brower

    Personal opinion, unless your app takes a special advantage of having an internal browser, always use the external one. It will give the user more options like pin the page to the home screen, adding to favorites, be able to switch between mobile and desktop browser, etc.

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