A full public version of Xpress Web App Builder is now available at www.developer.nokia.com/xpresswebapps. This version offers a number of inprovements over the beta, including:
  • Nokia Publish submission. Once you have completed your web app, you can transfer it from Xpress Web App Builder to Nokia Publish to start the process of publication in Nokia Store. Please note that you need a Nokia Publish account to use this feature. Create your Nokia Publish account here.
  • Apply button removed. The tool's interface has been improved so that as you edit the settings for your templates, content, and enhancements your changes are saved immediately.
  • Improved start-up on phones. The code generated for your web apps has been updated to deliver faster start-up times, so users will see your content sooner.
  • Blogger content widget. You can now include content from Blogger in your web apps.
  • Ads by NAX. When you enhance your web app with ads you will now do so using Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX). You will need a NAX account to use this feature. If you previously added ads powered by inneractive these are retained if you update your web app. Its recommended that you sign up for NAX and then transfer your inneractive account, details are provided when you register for NAX.
  • Expanded app showcase. The apps showcase now includes examples that show how others have used Xpress Web App Builder to create great, differentiated apps. In addition, examples of some of the template, content, and enhancement features of Xpress Web App Builder are provided, so you can see what you can achieve. Check out the showcase.
  • Many other minor improvements. Many small changes have been made to ensure Xpress Web App Builder is easy to use, yet able to deliver rich engaging web apps.

There is also an updated getting started video on our YourTube channel.