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    Nokia Web Tools 2.3 has been released

    A new version of Nokia Web Tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux is now available and, together with an update to Xpress Browser, offers a number of new developer and web app features.

    Xpress Browser 2.3 offers web apps support for fixed and scrollable regions, by the use of fixed headers and inline scrollable areas.

    Nokia Web Tools 2.3 delivers the following new or updated features:

    • Web Apps Visual Designer, a tool in the Web Developer Environment (WDE) for the visual specification of UI designs in HTML files, including the ability to drag-and-drop UI components from the code snippets supplied in WDE.
    • The deployment of web apps to phones over a USB connection, when running on a Microsoft Windows PC with Nokia Suite or Nokia PC Suite installed.
    • Support for version 2.3 of the Xpress Browser for Series 40 web app runtime.
    • Enhanced monitoring of all web app project resources in WDE, enabling the automatic reload of locally previewed web apps when running or debugging in the Web App Simulator (WAS).
    • Additional new project templates for various web app use cases, such as trivia games; shopping apps; and browsing videos, among others.
    • More sample web apps and snippets to help developers use the platform's capabilities easily.

    More information on the new features can be found on the Series 40 web tools page.

    If you haven't tried Nokia Web Tools yet, check out the getting started guide.
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