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    Paid VS Free Apps


    Just wanna know ..... which is better from revenue point of view.... for an average rated App

    Publishing an free (with ads) is better
    Paid(without trials)
    with trials- not doing the trick >

    Is any developer also facing Low Ecpm from Pubcenter....?
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    Re: Paid VS Free Apps

    There's different models that actually are acceptable :
    1/Publishing a Paid app with trial (With reminders to buy app) , This is what works best generally
    2/Paid app without trial + light (limited functionalities) version of your app
    3/Free app with ads, but your app need to have a significant number of active users

    I prefer the first option, but it depends on the popularity or you app.
    ECPM is an analytic calculated data, it's calculated based on the number of ads showed in your app AND the duration , if you have a low ecpm that means that your users don't stay much on the app and you should act based on that

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    Re: Paid VS Free Apps

    In the Apple App Store, most of the most successfull (most grossing) apps are free without ads and with in-app purchasing enabled for additional content/levels/features. I don't see why the same recipe for success wouldn't work for the Nokia Store (or Microsoft Marketplace), etc.

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