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    Thumbs up How to save file on memory phone

    Dear Experts ...
    I am Msc Student doing a project about the peer to peer file sharing
    system using Bluetooth as a connection technology. I have implement the
    application on two mobile (Nokia Devices) and I can share or publish files
    and search about it and find it. But I have one issue which is I can not
    save the file on the mobile device when I found it and the error is says
    == '''the application access set to not allowed =='''
    I am using J2ME as a programming language.
    please I need help as soon as possible
    Thank you so much

    Kind Regards

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    Re: How to save file on memory phone

    You can find discussions and Wiki articles related to the FileConnection API, there also seem to be a somewhat official example too: https://www.developer.nokia.com/info..._0_en.zip.html
    It may matter what device(s) you are using, and as the message says there can be a setting on the device which can enable/disable access to files.

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    Re: How to save file on memory phone

    Hi zebary! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    The error is mainly because either you are using an operator branded firmware in the phone, that would restrict certain API's else you need to allow access in the MIDlet Application Access settings - For eg in latest Series 40 phone, it would be Menu > Applications > Gallery > Application installed folder > Either Long press on App name(If touch screen) or from Options > Application Access > DataAccess > Change the access settings appropriately.

    Hope this helps ?


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