Hi guys,

Does anyone know why or how to fix a Nokia Lumia 800 screen resolution issue?
I am currently testing my application on 3 different Lumia 800 handsets.
The problem that I am having is that on every single unit the colour shades are slightly different. Even though the code stays the same.
This affects all apps and not just my app.

If I select a blue colour with hex value of "3cdcfc" for example to display in my app, then it displays as 3cdcfc on one handset but "2dd4fe" on another handset and another colour on the 3rd handset. Is there a reason for the colour change between handsets running the exact same firmware and OS version? Is there a way to fix this?

The issue is that some of the buttons are not visible when theme colour is changed to light mode, due to the colour variations on certain units.

Is there a software fix for this? Or is this hardware related?

Any help will be appreciated.