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    Re: Is running background service possible in WP8?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loukt View Post
    I don't think it will pass the certification since you don't have a viewfinder as a firstscreen, as stated in the requierement 6.13 (see link/text below)
    Yeap you are right. But you can display the viewfinder and still do other tasks. But that's starting to get a bit farfetched for my taste.

    I would still prefer the voice command. Unlock screen with a swipe (someone that may be using this would have to consider not adding a password to lockscreen), long press home screen, talk.

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    Re: Is running background service possible in WP8?

    Quote Originally Posted by yan_ View Post
    Maybe you could use a nfc tag to launch your applciation? And use a background agent to check position every X minutes?

    Nfc is readed when lockscreen is displayed, too.
    I like this idea - of using NFC tag to launch my app?
    Is it true that it will work - "Nfc is readed when lockscreen is displayed, too."
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