Hi Friends,

I am trying to create an audio player which can play/pause song from remote location. Also it should be able to go to the next/previous track. I am also using POST method to get the media URL from the remote location as a response. The player is working perfect when the application is running in foreground. But when the application goes in background(or not running) the AudioPlaybackAgent can't handle the POST method response.
What I want is that when the AudioPlaybackAgent is playing the song I should be able to go the next/previous track by using the UVC. I debug and found that when I request a POST method the control comes till GetRequestStreamCallback and doesn't go any further i.e. to GetResponseCallback.

I have also checked that if I have a list of media URLs then I can set it in a ListBox class and by using the UVC I can change the track, but in my case I am using POST method for security purpose, which gives a new URL each time I request and expires later on.

I have posted this issue on MSDN long back, but till now no response.

Please suggest me if there is any alternate solution.