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    activate test mode on IAP

    Hi every body
    I’m trying to develop an application using IAP on Symbian (Qt/QML)
    My problem is that I can't activate the test mode I add

    On the TEST_MODE.txt but it won’t work it gives me to buy like in the live mode

    thanks in advance

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    Re: activate test mode on IAP

    Look at this link:

    I noticed there is a footnote that you need to sideload a file to the device to enable simulation:
    With the In-App Purchase API Version 3.23.007 released in April 2012, you no longer need to list each purchasable item in TEST_MODE.TXT and indicate if its purchase succeeds or fails. To use this new API client, you sideload the file iaprunnersimulation_prd_3.23.007.sisx from the In-App Purchase API sub-foler \Symbian\SDKs to the device, then launch the file on the device to install the simulation client. For details, see Set up the development environment.

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