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    Photo Streaming APP from Flickr or SkyDrive

    I was looking for some help on creating an APP that can stream photos from either Flickr or a Public SkyDrive folder. My question is does anyone have experience with creating an app like this? And would Flickr or SkyDrive be a better choice?

    I would like the app to have a few other functions inside it, but when the photo streaming button is pressed, I'd like the user to be able to flip through the pictures. Of course I'd like to add pictures from time to time, hence why I wouldn't just build them inside the app. At first I was worried about prompting the user to log into SkyDrive whenever they wanted to view the pictures, if SkyDrive is used, but this would be one Windows Phone, so they would already be logged in and authentication wouldn't be a big deal.

    I just wonder if Flickr would be more efficient with streaming pictures since that's what they do all day long anyone tinkered around with this at all? What opines do you guys have on which streaming service might work better??

    Thanks for any help or advise.

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    Re: Photo Streaming APP from Flickr or SkyDrive

    I would first check the services and see what kind of API they support, and for which paltforms.

    And then select platform which you want to develop the application for.

    And then see what you can do already, as well as I would suggest you would search for any helpful articles which could get you started. Then after if you would still be having problems you could ask for detailed questions, making it easier to answer in here.

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