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    Arrow integrating MATLAB code

    How to integrate a MATLAB code into my windows phone application.I have google out before asking it here.I got several tools for it but there is no file telling as to how to make it to use.Can anyone elaborate the procedure of integrating the code?

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    Re: integrating MATLAB code

    When you are interested about using a specific tool, providing its name is often a good idea.
    Generally I would check them on the Mathworks site, they seem to have related offerings, like MATLAB Coder (http://www.mathworks.se/products/matlab-coder/) generating portable C/C++ code, probably that is the closest one. But they also seem to have MATLAB Compiler (http://www.mathworks.se/products/compiler/), which seems to depend on a runtime, so it is probably less useful.
    Depending on your needs, some competitor products may be useful too, like Octave, which is open source, thus its portability to new platforms is certainly a smaller issue than portability of MATLAB.

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