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    eglCreateEndpointNOK and Audio qml element

    I have noticed when I use QtMultimediaKit 1.1 have received warning in console

    [Qt Message] S60EglEndpointFunctions::getProcAddress eglCreateEndpointNOK not found

    on each Audio html element

    and cannot play local file E:/Sounds/file.mp4 with error

    Audio {
    onError: console.log('error', error)

    >> error 1

    What is wrong? I have C7-00 and Belle Refresh

    Somebody can help me?

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    Re: eglCreateEndpointNOK and Audio qml element

    I also get that error when using Audio elements. However my sound files will still play fine.
    .mp4 files will play fine on my phone but they won't play in the QT Emulator.

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