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    Question Can typical j2me API(LCDUI) and LWUIT combined together

    My doubt is I building an **J2ME location based application as a my final year project** which is totally built using J2ME API like high level UI (Form) and low level UI (Canvas). Now i want to use the LWUIT API's to make few changes in high level UI and implement **autocomplete functionality to textfield to select desired place name by user according he/she type** which am not able to do it.
    "To Places autocomplete I am using **Google Place API - Places Autocomplete feature**"

    Is it possible to combine both LCDUI and LWUIT components together?
    i.e. use both LWUIT and Canvas together in an application?

    I am already created my whole design in LCDUI; because of autocomplete functionality I can't re-create my entire design to LWUIT.
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