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    JSR-211 (CHAPI) issue with Nokia Xpress Browser

    I'm creating an application that uses JSR-211 to open my application from an external link/file for processing.

    Everything is working fine with the stock browser (which can be launched from within the application), the webpage loads, and clicking the link to the file opens my J2ME midlet suite correctly.

    When accessing the web page via Nokia Xpress Browser the experience is somewhat different. Instead of launching the midlet to take care of the content, the file is downloaded and sits on the memory card. The message "file format not supported" appears when trying to open the file via the download list, or from the memory card in the file browser.

    I have correctly registered the MIME-type and file extensions (proven by this working via the stock browser).

    Testing this on a Nokia 302 device, which does support JSR-211.

    Any insight into this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Working via:
    Twitter application
    Social application
    Opera Mini browser

    It just seems to be the Nokia Xpress Browser not supporting Content Handler API, is this the case?
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