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    Share your views on Nokia Developer to win a Lumia 920

    Note: Closed to new entries.
    We have a technical issue with the survey so we will no longer be taking new entries. Winners will be drawn from the large number of existing entries on March 17, 2013 at 18:00 GMT (as previously stated)

    We're running a survey/questionnaire to find out your views on Nokia Developer - with Lumia 920's to go to three lucky winners. The survey is very short, and consists of six questions about you and your interests as a developer, and seven questions about your interaction with the website.

    The winners will be drawn on March 17, 2013 at 18:00 GMT.

    The survey is at this link (we've reproduced the questions below for your information)

    About you
    1. Please select which best describes your job role
    2. Which platforms do you currently develop on?
    3. Which platforms do you intend to develop on?
    4. What country do you live and work in?
    5. What countries would you like to publish apps in?
    6. What motivates you as a developer?

    Your views about Developer.Nokia.com
    7. Specifically what was your purpose for visiting Nokia Developer today?
    8. What additional services or information would you like to find on the website? *
    9. What difficulties have you encountered in using the Nokia Developer website?
    10. What information on the Nokia Developer website most successfully met your needs?
    11. Please suggest any improvements (features, content, ideas) you think would create a better user experience for Developer.Nokia.com.
    12. Please fill in your email address to enter the raffle for one of three Lumia 920s and review the complete survey sweepstakes rules.
    13. Would you like to help us further and get entered to win more devices? If yes, please provide us with an email address where we could ask you further questions and test website prototypes.
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