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    S40 Asha full Touch Gaming App GameCanvas Issue

    I have developed an application for Asha Full touch devices, I have extended the game Canvas for this purpose.. the problem is, when I come back to this canvas, I faced the problem connection already open, I fixed that by eliminating that processSensor code. Now I want to start A new game so I am making another call to the init() function so the functions are working that run() including processSensor() and updateWorld() etc but the game is not running. Please help me what to do If I want to use the gameCanvas again and again on New game appeal.


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    Re: S40 Asha full Touch Gaming App GameCanvas Issue


    I suggest you to implement Game State Management.
    So, you only use 1 Canvas but you will have StateManager class that will control several State classed which you have.
    Maybe you can take a look at this link: http://gamedevgeek.com/tutorials/man...e-states-in-c/
    Jeffrey Hermanto Halimsetiawan
    Game Developer | Mobile Apps Developer

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