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    Re Display of Tabs


    I've got an issue with the re-display of the tabs..

    I have a form that I am using for which I have written the SaveFormData method for... This form is popped up from a menu.

    If I use the form to view information, or go in to the form and then exit without saving, the tabs remain displayed...

    However, if I select Save from the form, once the form disappears from the display, the tabs are gone as well...

    My form is based in CAknForm, and I am also using a dialog based on CAknSelectionListDialog.. The tabs that I am using is based on CAknTabGroup.

    Could it be that the CAknSelectionListDialog::ExecuteLD is blocking / interfering with the redisplay of the tabs..??

    I've tried calling SetActiveTabByIndex() on the tab group to see if that will display it after the SaveFormData method has completed..

    anyone any ideas on why the tabs are not re-displaying..???



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    Similar problem met with editor.

    I have a little different but similar problem with the disappearance of tabs.

    I am writing an application using the Series 60 Multiple view architecture, with multiple views and navigation tabs. In one of these view, I implemented a text editor (CEikEdwin). However, my debugging shows that if I use (CEikEdwin.SetFocus(ETrue)) to turn the focus onto the editor. That view shows ok. However,
    the navigation tabs will not be there after the call.

    Any ideas / suggestions?

    thanks, C.L.

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