I am new in j2me app development & I am developing Location based j2me app for my final year. For that I am using Text Search Feature of Google Places API to search places. In this, by URL we query a place name of our desire & in response URL return result of place(s) name in xml format(Its did not send .xml file, only send data in xml format). Which is as follows-

HTML Code:
<name>The Taj Mahal Hotel</name>
<formatted_address> Apollo Bunder, Opposite Gateway Of India, P J Ramchandani Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, MH, India </formatted_address>
<icon> http://maps.gstatic.com/mapfiles/place_api/icons/lodging-71.png </icon>
<reference> CoQBcgAAAOPaRox3TgxkziRCx3GXjgCgx4--UKVRRqKX_V3yMcqxgHfmT_PXwryIh3wjFXvh4cq6Tw9FjFKiNr4pypyIhslOqodRAsAacSO0xhk1LvVqd_WGeda7vaUmImB8sVcxgBpDOvHe1wZXvAiGITBzTa2f6RU4cyi5AKb-Wev4_WHdEhAw2X4zrDX8QUK8niwWrjCDGhSnjoZcIOexbrcWMWP9_fp9p3VIyw </reference>
<photo_reference> CnRvAAAAMaSdYSqi7SCjk-CKBOld9QI86Ev_Hqt387TNCynY4iFRutgP8Uw9W-uAlKrIsfrRiQpq3GPwe4Cglk1vNQmnX7-NTgvf_wsW4wPGtGg6rckXrwf9dQ3CyKiZxWkSHaNm9e4jTS6b-5N_RQqGc57xjRIQrnLMro1PpymPTno-9nE7RxoU9EbIYca-2kLc2oSAIVZxw4MtirI </photo_reference>
<html_attribution>From a Google User</html_attribution>
From this, I want to retrieve data from <status> tag, <name> tag, <formatted_address> tag, <lat> and <lng> tag. How should I done this.... I am stucked here...plz help as soon as possible.