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    WP8 update changed something on the PhotoCamera/CaptureCameraTask result?

    Hi all.

    I'm building an app enables the user to take pictures with the PhotoCamera as described in MSDN basic camera sample. ( I started the dev work with WP7.5 )

    On my app i use Exiflib to determinate the phones orientation when the pic is taken and rotate the result so the picture shows up correctly to the user. ( i used Tim Heuer's Exiflib sample as a base for my pic angle / rotation solution )

    The app works fine on WP7.5 and on devices updated to WP7.8 .
    When i was testing the app on WP8 devices ( 920,820 and 620 ) i noticed that 920 and 820 returned different Angle information than 620.
    If I took a picture with the device held "normaly" ( exifOrientation topRight / Device portrait up ) 920 and 820 returned angle 270 and 620 returned angle 90.
    All WP7.5 devices returned angle 90 when held portrait up. ( note : my WP8 phones were/are developer phones that MS Finland kindly loaned to me )
    ( so my lumia800, omnia7 and the 620 loaner returned identical Angle data, Portrait up = 90, 920/820 Portrait up = 270 )

    I coded a fix to this using Mangopollo light from CodePlex. I use Mangopollo to detect the OS version and and manually change the angle data if the DeviceName from the Microsoft.Phone.Info.DeviceStatus does not refer to Lumia620.

    This morning I updated the Lumia820 loaner to 8.0.10211.204 and imagine my suprise when all pictures that i take with 820 are turned(rotated) 180 degrees.
    I ran the app in debug and took a look at the Angle data that exiflib is giving me, and it has changed from 270 to 90.

    Has anyone else noticed the same behavior?

    My biggest concern is that what happens to users of my app when they update their WP8 phones to 8.0.10211.204, if this OS update changes the way that exif data is saved to the picture, then all "my" 920 and 820 users will have their future pic's shown to them upside down after the update.

    If the update unified the exifdata on all WP8 devices, then i can remove the fix from my code.
    But as i don't have 920 / 620 devices on hand for testing, i can't be sure about this. And removing the fix from the is code might not be a good idea when all I have is a hunch

    Would some of you be willing to help me out, if i build a Beta app that would use Exiflib to detect the Angle?
    The idea is that You take a pic and the app gathers some device data (maker, model , os and the angle of the pic ) and send it to my email or post the results here if sending email's is not your thing.

    Or if you have an app that uses exiflib and some implementation of Tim Heuer's Exiflib sample, posting the Angle data from WP8 device's would really help me out.

    Thanks in advance and all ideas / help is greatly appreciated.


    So I found out that the Lumia 920 and 820 loaner devices originally had older OS in them ( 8.0.9903.xxx ) and the 620 had 8.0.10211.xxx.

    I resolved this issue by doing a compare with Environment.OSVersion.Version.Build to 10211 and if the Version.Build is smaller, I redirect the stream from PhotoCam to a method that rotates the picture 180 degree's before the picture is shown to the user.

    Does anyone know is there a "heads up" documentation released before OS / firmware updates?
    These might be handy and usefull.

    I found the Firmware change logs for Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) devices @ http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...Phone)_devices

    But i was hoping for more detailed information. The change log's indicate that FW update has some improvements on the Camera, but i wish there would be a resource that would list all API's if they are affected by an update.

    MS apparently have some kind of "braking changes" documentation, but i cant find it online, so that might be for internal use.

    If Nokia has documentation online describing possible changes/affects to different API's a link to thos documents would be greatly appreciated.

    And if Nokia doesn't have "Braking Changes" documents online or in the wiki, PLEASE start writing and releasing them.

    -Arto Ahonen
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