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    Username was not found

    Hello Sir,
    This is in matter of the fact that I cannot log in to my account developer.nokia.com with my user id joy.mca. I was trying that for the past few days but it is not happening in any way. I also tried by clicking the forgot password, but it says " Your username was not found. Try with your email address or mobile number. " although the username exists because when i sent a private message from another account the private message came to my inbox.

    I tried with my email address but no mail comes to mailid. For this I have to create an account on the forum nokia and then post you this issue cause I wasn't finding any other way in which I could log in to my account at http://www.developer.nokia.com/

    Can you please have a urgent look into this matter.

    username: joy.mca
    emailid : joy_mca29@rediffmail.com

    Thanks and Regards
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