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    Question What it can be used for?


    I'm looking forward to use Nokia Music service in my app, but I'd like to know what it can be used for exactly?

    For example, I have a cloud music player that downloads music from user's cloud storage, allowing the user to save it to his/her music library or just listen from the cloud. Can I use Nokia Music APIs to display artist's images (if there are ones), show info about track, album, and show suggestions to buy another tracks from this album and/or this artist?

    What others ways to use Nokia Music service could you suggest?


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    Re: What it can be used for?

    In the link below you have a varity of uses for Nokia Music API

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    Re: What it can be used for?

    And recently a few more methods GetArtistsAroundLocation, GetArtistSearchSuggestions, and GetSearchSuggestions were added in MusicClient Class.
    Those are not in use in the referred music explorer example app, they are in use e.g. Music Scene app.

    Another app that for certain is using Nokia Music APi is Music DB app. I am certain there are others too, those are just the ones I know for certain.


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    Re: What it can be used for?

    The source for the basis of the Music Scene app is the "BandsAround" sample here: http://nokia.ly/wpmusicapi
    In terms of using the API, it's all about creating buzz and driving traffic to the Nokia Music apps - whether on S40, Web or Windows Phone, so please link through to our app if you use it

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