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    Run Multiple Emulators


    Is there a way to run multiple emulators (2 for instance), so that I could test out connectivity between them (sockets). Preferably through the IDE, so I can choose which emulator to deploy on (kinda like ADT emulator).
    So far, I've manually run the other emulator, but I cannot deploy to it, since the Nokia IDE fails to detect it, also the IDE-launched device cannot detect it within the 10.*.*.* network.
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    Re: Run Multiple Emulators


    I am using other emulators with Nokia's one. For example, I am running the server application on Oracle's JME emulators (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/ja...iew/index.html) and the client application on Nokia emulator.
    I am using either the address or localhost host name for establishing the socket connection.


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    Re: Run Multiple Emulators

    Realistically, you are unlikely to be able to establish a socket device-to-device connection anyway...


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