Hello experts,

I used the WebTools about a month ago without problems. Today I used them again, but the simulator no longer starts
Local preview or cloud preview, I always get a dialog box:

"Invalid Args: Options are not valid"
Unfortunately it does not tell which Option it is that is not valid or what command got the error :-(
The Nokia WDE is a 2.0.0 updated online to 2.3, on Windows 7

Since the last time I have used it, I have installed new java security updates (as we supposed to do quite often these days....) and also the microsoft updates,
and I have installed a separate standalone Eclipse. Is it possible that some settings from Eclipse are shared? Do we need an own virtual machine for each eclipse-based product?
are there any other log files I can use to find errors?

Another odd thing: when I try to look for new updates, (Help -> Check for new Updates)
I get the following error:
No repository found at http://tools.nokia.com/wt/update/WebTools/2.3.


Karsten Meier