It is a Feedback board, so I want give my Feedback

I developed 2 years on Symbian with Qt. For 1€ I got an excellent Support. App QA was fast. OVI store isn't perfect, but Nokia had a good support to developers.

Now I moved to WP8. .NET and VS2012 is the best development tool on the world, but the quality of Microsoft service is really bad!

Here what I miss from Nokia and Qt:
- Apps works perfectly on emulators and after they are on the store, they crash with unknown exceptions.
- Microsoft need much more time to accept an app on the store, than Nokia.
- On WP8 you can't see what phone downloaded your app, only the country.
- If you want support, you have to pay (it is not included in the yearly 100€ tax), or write in a forum hoping someone will give a reply.
- WP8 is really buggy for developers. I wasn't able to install my app on my phone, after it was on the store. Microsoft solved it after over 1 month. But I have other problems, like in-app purchases. After a factory reset or uninstalling the app, the user has to pay the in-app-function again sometimes.

I was thinking, that a new store like the one of Microsoft can bring a lot of new stuff and tools. But it is not so. I can still not reply to comments on the store. And they can't write me a feedback directly (this is now implemented in the Nokia store). I had much more fun with Symbian and Qt, than with WP8 and .NET.

A developer can live with buggy softwares, but it is the quality of the support that make the difference. Maybe this is the difference between the European mentality and the American mentality. European want to give the best support for the products they deliver because they want perfect products. For Microsoft it is normal to give a buggy software, and it is normal to ask money if you have a problem with that software.

Personally, I think this could hurt Nokia in the future. Users don't see the difference between hardware and software, so if WP8 has a bug with the store, they think Nokia is responsible.

I miss the time I was with Nokia
I want Symbian again