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    BUG: Nokia Reading and hub Xbox Music + video (Nokia LUMIA 920)

    Hi to all,

    I found a small bug, when running Xbox Music and you're listening to a song ... and start the Nokia app Reading, pausing the track, returning in Xbox Music + video hub and trying to call into play the song ... by plugging on the hub's play opens the app Nokia Reading ^ __ ^

    I hope I have been clear and useful. See you soon.

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    Re: BUG: Nokia Reading and hub Xbox Music + video (Nokia LUMIA 920)

    I don't work at Nokia and don't know about the code of Nokia Reading, but i think this is not a bug.

    Whatsapp make the same effect. By default, Windows Phone 8 turns off WiFi while the screen turns off. The only way to mantain WiFi connected is using a background audio agent. Whatsapp uses a fake audio track to mantain WiFi enabled so it can receive messages... i think Nokia Reading can be doing something similar...

    Hope This can explain the weird behabior. Also, now with Portico update, you can mantain the WiFi active even with screen turned off and i think This "workaround" be removed in next updates of the apps using it...

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