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    generate jar file ?

    i created a s40 application on the nokia website. i download the web tools. is there any way i can generate the jar file of the created application with the help of web tools ?

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    Re: generate jar file ?

    Web apps has nothing to do with jar files.

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    Re: generate jar file ?

    Hi anvarjamal! Welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion Boards!!

    The simple answer is No.

    The extension for Web Apps are .Wgt and extension for Java Apps are .Jar. Basically they are two different technologies. But If you want to open a browser URL from a Java app, its possible.


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    Re: generate jar file ?

    Hi anvarjamal, welcome to the Nokia developer community.
    It's true you can not generate jar files with the help of Web tools but when you submit
    your Web app (.Wgt) for QA test, jar and jad files are created then sent to you via email.
    But note that these (jar and jad) files will open only on phones that support the Nokia browser.

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