Hi! I will works in carbide c++ and my app is for s60v5 (touch celphone)

I have a problem related with richtext:
how can stop draw changes, while I load the data in de richtext. I use this code

for (...) {
. . . . 
TUint16 aCursorPos=iRichText1->Text()->DocumentLength();
iRichText1->RichText()->InsertL(aCursorPos, aText);
and the problem is that the data is loaded, the richtext does scrolling to the last data that was loaded, and data are all over each other all blurred! because I don't Draw the richtext while load beacause it would be very slow.
solutions =

- Stop drawing richtext while charging
- Load the data and do not scroll to the last, to stay in the top.

but I don't how I can do this ! =(
please help!

Thank you in advance