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    Question how stop redraw in richtext??

    Hi! I will works in carbide c++ and my app is for s60v5 (touch celphone)

    I have a problem related with richtext:
    how can stop draw changes, while I load the data in de richtext. I use this code

    for (...) {
    . . . . 
    TUint16 aCursorPos=iRichText1->Text()->DocumentLength();
    iRichText1->RichText()->InsertL(aCursorPos, aText);
    and the problem is that the data is loaded, the richtext does scrolling to the last data that was loaded, and data are all over each other all blurred! because I don't Draw the richtext while load beacause it would be very slow.
    solutions =

    - Stop drawing richtext while charging
    - Load the data and do not scroll to the last, to stay in the top.

    but I don't how I can do this ! =(
    please help!

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: how stop redraw in richtext??

    You could maybe try making a new richtext object, add text into it, and then assign it to the editor in one go.

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    Re: how stop redraw in richtext??

    As I remember, there is SetCursorPosL for the editors.
    Otherwise while you are in a for loop, there is absolutely no redrawing, blur may come from an other thing, a simple gc.Clear in your Draw may already fix that.

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    Re: how stop redraw in richtext??

    hello thanks to all for the responds
    I try all that said wizard_hu , nothin works! but the problem was in another code, which had not put! sorry for that! wizard_hu was right when say "blur may come from an other thing" . the problem was in this code
    		iRichText1->SetSelectionL(aCursorPos, aLastPos);
    		iRichText1->ApplyCharFormatL(charFormat, charFormatMask);
    an the solution is =
         iRichText1->RichText()->ApplyCharFormatL(charFormat, charFormatMask,aCursorPos, text.Length());
    now load of text is much faster!! and don't has blur effect !! =)

    i hope this can help someone else too

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