I want to use custom serialization for my windows phone 8 application. I know we have an XmlSerializer class available for data serialization but it do not fullfill my needs.

Why i need custom serialization.
I need to use custom serialization for maintaining compatibility between multiple revisions of my application. Say i have a model class, which contains 3 member variables in revision 1.0 but i add one more member variable to the class in revision 1.1. So i want data stored by 1.0 app to be compatible with revision 1.1 too. For which i will add version number to each of my model class and depending on version number i will process every field during serialization and desrialization process.

What i tried.?
I searched for a custom serialization API for c# and came through ISerializable Interface which completely fullfill my needs but unfortunately it is not suppoted on Windows Phone. Searching further i came across Data Contract Serialization. But Data Contract Serialization does not support processing every member variable separately.

So how can i achieve custom serialization on windows phone? Please help. Unable to proceed because of this problem. Quick response will be appreciated.