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    Question PhoneGap does not support Barcode, how much this factor effect Win apps?

    Hey all
    I have developed apps for iOS and Android platforms and currently trying hands on HTML5 (interested in Win apps)
    What I come to know few time back that PhoneGap does not provide support for Barcode in apps.
    I do not possess lot of knowledge in Windows app development.
    So my question is for those developers who have worked on PhoneGap and created Windows apps. How much this effect the apps, means if you have project for an app that should have some barcode functionality then how it is implemented in the apps.?
    Waiting for your expert replies

    Daniel Jones
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    Re: PhoneGap does not support Barcode, how much this factor effect Win apps?

    Hi Daniel

    Sorry but i don't understand your question. You mean support for creating and rendering barcodes? Or support for scanning barcodes using the camera? If it is the first, out there are some barcode generation frameworks for HTML/js you can use. If you need to read barcodes using the camera, the best way is to develop a PhoneGap plugin for accesing natively to the camera of the phone and then call the plugin from JavaScript using the phoneGap framework.

    Hope This help a bit.

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    Re: PhoneGap does not support Barcode, how much this factor effect Win apps?

    Daniel may be a spammer, there is an unwelcome link in every 2nd post he produces. We will see, but in general, being a spammer affects the sense/nonsense level of posts.

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