I am going to create a multiview application. Its going to be a fully custom controls application. Nothing would be from default ui. That is why i was thinking if its possible to skip creating CAknViews from the application. As the CAknView is responsible for handling view specific commands but my app is going to handle commands from the container itself. Its going to be a touch only application. In this case would it be possible to switch views without CAknView in the application? I was trying and got confused at the following:

To create a screen this is enough:
iContainer = CSplashContainer::NewL(ClientRect());
but after that we need to add this control to stack to be able to receive commands like this
So screen would be visible and take user commands. But what if i have to switch to another view. In that case, i should remove the current view from the stack right?
But there is no method to do this if i don't use CAknView in the application. Its possible only if i use CAknView. May be i don't know yet. To switch view it should be something like this
AppUi()->RemoveFromViewStack(*this, iContainer);
but here pointer this should be a CAknView and not a CCoeControl!

Can i do without CAknViews and still able to remove CCoeControls from the stack??

Please suggest.