I had a working installation of the Nokia IDE/SDK 2.0 for Java ME on my Windows 8 64 bit machine, but today, the installation of update 17 of the JDK affected the Nokia IDE somehow, and it is no longer starting. I get no errors, but it never finishes starting. The progress bar advances a little past 50% and then it simply hangs and the IDE never starts.

I uninstalled the JDK update (just the update) and then the Nokia IDE failed to start with an error message saying that no JDK was present, even when the JDK was still installed and the PATH variable was correctly set.

I installed the Java update again but it didn't make any difference. Then I tried installing the 32 bit version of the JDK (including the update) and the error about JDK not being present disappeared, but the IDE is again hanging when I try to start it.

Anyone else experimented this situation with the recent Java update?
Can someone suggest something I could try or test to debug the problem?

Any help or comments highly appreciated.