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    process to use .svg icon as application icon in symbian!


    If I am not wrong, following is the process to use a svg icon as the application icon:
    1. Have an .svg(or .svg-tiny??) icon
    2. Generate .mif using that .svg or .svg-tiny using mifconv.exe tool
    3. Place that .mif on corresponding path
    4. Done!!

    Is that the correct process or did I miss something?

    I am asking this because I am trying to use .svg icon but its coming with a white background like I am using a bitmap. Do I have to use .svg or .svg-tiny?

    Please suggest.


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    Re: process to use .svg icon as application icon in symbian!

    Icons are referred from your resource file in fact, and the related part of the resource file is referred from the registration resource.
    See http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ons_on_Devices for these details.

    EDIT1: You have to use SVG-Tiny. A preliminary check you can try is just copying the icon on the device, and opening it from the File Manager. If it gets displayed correctly that is certainly a good sign.

    EDIT2: If the SVG does not scale properly, make sure you have the viewBox attribute set in its header (http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu..._(Known_Issue)).

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