I have A class called Station as follows:

    public class Station

        private int StationID;
        public int ID
            get { return StationID; }

        private string nameArabic;
        public string NameArabic
            get { return nameArabic; }
            set { nameArabic= value; }

       private string nameEnglish;
        public string NameEnglish
            get { return nameEnglish; }
            set { nameEnglish= value; }

and I have a list of Stations in ViewModel
        public List<Station> Stations{set; get;}
and I have a ListPicker that binds data from this list and ItemTemplate is:

HTML Code:
<DataTemplate x:Name="PickerItemTemplate"> 
                        <TextBlock FontFamily="Segoe WP Light" Text="{Binding NameEnglish}" FontSize="26" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" Margin="8,0,0,2" /> 

I wanna localize this, it should get NameArabic or NameEnglish based on the language.

Can I do this using LocalizedStrings?!

or do you have a better solution ?!

Thanks in advance