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    What is best way to test on old devices before distribution?

    Hi ALL,
    What is best possible way to test app builds to older devices like series 40 3rd edition devices.Generally those devices are not available in app store.If a developer want quickly test his/her app and put in to Nokia store to get revenue ,which looks at this point very lengthy process to satisfy all platforms basically older series 40 devices.Can you suggest some steps so that it will helpful to me.

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    Re: What is best way to test on old devices before distribution?


    Remote device access should be helpful: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic...device_access/

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    Re: What is best way to test on old devices before distribution?

    Just to add what Kalle suggested, if you want to test in old devices & if they are also not available in RDA, you might have to reach out to Mobile App testing companies, who would have a good collection of Devices.

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