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    In a search response I see a distance parameter. What type of unit is this?

    Just looked up startbucks in NYC and I get

    items: [ { position: [ 40.74923 , -73.98395 ] distance: 113 title: Starbucks averageRating: 0.0 category: { id: coffee-tea title: Coffee/Tea href: http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/pla...xoqIWfxWA5DuMQ type: urn:nlp-types:category } icon: http://download.vcdn.nokia.com/p/d/p...gories/23.icon vicinity: 373 5th Ave ↵
    New York NY 10016 ↵
    USA having: [ ] type: urn:nlp-typeslace href: http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/pla...xoqIWfxWA5DuMQ id: 840dr5ru-f53290f0ecf946f8b1a328b5d1bec785 } ,

    I am wondering what is distance paramter? Is it in meters? And where is this type of thing documented?

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    Re: In a search response I see a distance parameter. What type of unit is this?

    docs would be at: http://developer.here.com/places#_48...Findex.html%3F anyway, I'm not certain on which item you are asking for, so can not check from docs what they would say about the parameter value type.

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    Re: In a search response I see a distance parameter. What type of unit is this?


    Distance is in meters, measured from the search context, it is documented here: http://developer.here.com/docs/place...pe-search.html.

    For more on how the context is calculated, please look here: http://developer.here.com/docs/place...-contexts.html. Please be aware, that in case of a location context supplied by X-Map-Viewport, the distance field will be missing.

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