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    Obtaining suggestions via the places api?

    What is a way in which suggestions for places could be obtained using the places restful api? Would this be a search by category? If so how can I obtain a list of possible categories?

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    Re: Obtaining suggestions via the places api?

    there is the Search Suggestion Resource , which you would use for getting suggestions, so have you checked it, and if so, what kind of problems do you have using it ?
    here's the link for the docs: http://developer.here.com/docs/place...e-suggest.html

    For categories, you can either use the ones available for all regions: http://developer.here.com/docs/place...ategories.html or get the locally relevant ones: http://developer.here.com/docs/place...ory-graph.html

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    Re: Obtaining suggestions via the places api?

    Just to clarify, the suggest resources is for partial keywords. So if a partial keyword is provided, it gives you all possible search terms in the context of location (geos) provided.

    Like for example, if the partial keyword is pizz and the location is Berlin (37.7851,-122.4047), the suggest resource returns the following terms.

    suggestions: [ Pizzaro Way, San Francisco, CA 94112, USA , Cupola Pizzeria , California Pizza Kitchen , Villa Pizza , Blondie's Pizza , Pizza Prada , Moscone Pizzadelli , New York Pizza Kitchen , Pizzelle , Julia Pizza ]
    Demo query request: http://demo.places.nlp.nokia.com/pla...CG24t50dHOwrLQ

    Ideally, you can use the suggest resource to get the possible search terms, and then use the search resource to search for places.
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    Re: Obtaining suggestions via the places api?


    Probably suggest (which is mainly used for giving hints while typing in search fields) is not what you need.

    Could you describe what you want to achieve? Depending on your use case, the /discover/explore resource could be your friend. It returns recommended places for a given position or region. The results can be restricted to a list of categories.

    A list of categories can be retrieved through the /categories/places resource.

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