In my j2me application, some of the Nokia devices (not all) have issue that when I try only to read contacts from SIM card, while there are contacts on it, it still doesn't read them. While most of the Nokia devices do read contacts from SIM without any issue. The devices I have issue so far with are N91, C5-00 and N73. The rest of nokia devices I checked are working fine but I am unable to understand the reason of not reading contacts from SIM while it does read from phone and it's documentation says it has JSR 75 so it should work the way it does over other models. Anyways, I want you people to tell me the reason whats the issue in there. I can provide more detail if you are not getting my problem because I need to resolve them ASAP.

Playing with these old devices I came to know that these devices don't give you much options to play with SIM contacts list e.g. not allowed to be selected as Default memory and not letting you change the look or other options etc. Now the issue that I described above is genuine and I need to solve it somehow, so if someone has any idea or way to do it please help... will be great thing for me..thanks