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    Question Possible Lumia Bug

    I have a strange issue with charts in my app "myBattery". The chart has one line, but when I zoom into max level, more lines appear in the screen.

    I contacted Telerik.com because the chart control is by Telerik. After some days they confirmed this behavior appears only on Lumia devices. Then I opened a ticket in Windows Phone Dev Team, and they reported the same behavior only on Lumia devices.
    Then I ask to Nokia to investigate, please

    Here the screenshots: http://tiziano.cacioppolini.it/public/nokia/step.zip
    Here the sample project: http://tiziano.cacioppolini.it/publi...a/TestZoom.zip

    To help you to recreate this problem, follow this steps:
    - step1.png: open the sample project
    - step2.png: rotate the device in landscape mode
    - step3.png: zoom the charts and two more lines appear.

    Thanks you

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    Re: Possible Lumia Bug

    Can you file bug report at: http://www.developer.nokia.com/bugs/enter_bug.cgi that way it would get processed in right way.

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    Re: Possible Lumia Bug

    Thanks you

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