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    Question Is this possible make call from app, without asking user permission..?


    I've implemented "Tel URI" scheme, like below shown, to make call for a given nomber from my app. and Its works perfectly..!

    <a href="tel:+9192******74">Dial Me</a>
    when i click the link to make the call, Its asking me permission prompt like 'Create call to +9192******74" Yes / No. now my question is,

    Can I make the call without this permission prompt...? that means if i click the link, the phone continues to make a connection and dial the number as normal.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Re: Is this possible make call from app, without asking user permission..?

    No, and it is a good thing, I'd say, as there can be very expensive (or otherwise questionable) phone numbers that a malicious app could dial, if such behaviour was allowed without notifying the user.

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