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    Question How to make j2me app to run in background

    I am developing Loaction Alarm app in j2me. The purpose of my app is to alert user once he/she will reach to his/her desire location on which he/she set reminder.I want this must be happen when user close the app. For that I have to run my code in background which continuously check whether coordinates came from GPS is same as coordinates set in reminder. Once condition get true app will automatically prompt with an map(showing on Canvas) & alertbox or form(to show reminder text) with music tone. How should I done this???? Is any one done this before then plzz share your experience or code as soon as possible....

    Note: In app, Maximum 5 reminders user can set so that I have to check 5 reminders coordinates continuously & simultaneously.

    And I also want that when user close an app, excluding background running code other forms & controls should free the resources(i.e.should get delete) they are using & that should be again created when user start an app.
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