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    how to send Encrypted SMS

    hey i have an encryption algorithm based on elliptic curve cryptography. I want to use that encryption algorithm in an application of sending and receiving sms. I've tried out the EncryptedSMSMIDlet of nokia developers using Bouncycastle and couldnt make it work. But I want to use my encryption algo. ohow can i do so .. please help me asap.

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    Re: how to send Encrypted SMS

    Sounds like you've got the encryption part covered, so you basically need to know two things:

    1. How to send binary data in an SMS message (after you've encrypted it)
    2. How to receive an SMS message in your application (so you can decrypt it)

    Take a look at these wiki articles:

    1. How to send Binary SMS in Java ME
    2. Listening synchronously for incoming SMS messages in Java ME

    If you want your application to pick up an incoming SMS, you need to send the SMS to a specific port number, and register your application to listen on that port. You will see references to port numbers in both examples. Obviously, you need to use the same port number at both ends!


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