I'm having a hard time believing that you can't change the font
used by the 5100 WAP browser.

The WAP browser uses 5 lines for the content area on my sample.
The display is however capable of displaying 8 lines of text with
a smaller font without any problems. This is for example used in the
5100 SMS editor (where the font *is* user-configurable).

I can't find a way to configure a smaller font for the WAP browser
(like you can with other Nokia phones). Am I missing something ?

Of course the big 5-line font has its uses for extra visibility.
But IMO not being able to use a smaller font and putting more
info on the screen severely limits the usability of the 5100 as
a WAP browser !

Or *is* there a way to change the WAP font used ?
Maybe there is a firmware update available that fixes this issue ?
(my samples use v3.02, 13-12-02)

friendly greetings,
Rob van Nieuwkerk