We've merged all our publisher support discussion boards into this one place. It's now obvious where you post your questions (here!) and hopefully this should make your questions even easier for to us manage.

The discussion board is for all question related to publishing to the Nokia Store, including:
  • Publishing Practicalities:
    General discussion about publishing to the Nokia Store (before your content gets into the store). We have a lot of material about that in our central knowledge center web page where you can use the search function to browse your question and naturally you can check the general publishing guide document. The frequently asked questions can be found in more structured view from the same web page. It often makes sense to browse those pages to get your question answered quickly.
  • Content Management: Discussion about already published content, including updating an application.
  • Online Reports and Payments: Discussion about reports, payments, and other stuff related to finance. To familiarize yourself with the Nokia payment process, read these FAQ sections: Online reports and Finance and payments

Feel free to share your questions or thoughts related to publishing to Nokia Store.

- Kalle Nevala and the publisher support team

  • Note that if your question does not give any benefit for developer community (for example it is a question about your specific app going through QA) please send it through developer.support@nokia.com to ensure the fastest possible answer.
  • As a new team we are trying to improve the publisher/developer experience with new fresh eyes and energy. We are very well aware of the current problems and are trying to find the ways to fix them with our limited resources. Anyway we do not necessarily notice everything and because of that it would be nice to see improvement proposals also on this discussion board.
  • Thanks for reading this long post through!