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    Thumbs up issue regarding disruption to voice calls

    Hello Sir,

    I have submit my Symbain Voip application for test but application fails due to issue define below :

    "If the user (Phone A) makes or receives a GSM call (Phone C) while the application is running (with VoIP call in progress or not), the conversation cannot be finished by the normal way, which is a press on the Red key (end key).
    The same behaviour can be observed with an outgoing GSM call while the application is running. User cannot end the call with the Red key.

    Note: if a VoIP call is in progress when the GSM call is handled, pressing the Red key end the VoIP call and not the GSM call."

    I need help. please help me to short out this issue.

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    Re: issue regarding disruption to voice calls

    You need to take care of your Red key capturing, and see that you do forward it accordingly. Also its not necessary to capture it unless you have active VoIP call, thus you should re-think the logic you are having in your app.

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