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    Long strings appearing with ellipsis on the acutal phone


    In my app I have a list but the strings of the items of the list are too long and on the phone they are cut and appear with ellipsis (...).

    How can I solve this problem such that the items appear completely?

    Assume I have an item that is 200 characters long and that I want it to be displayed on several lines in the list. How can this be done?

    This problem may not appear in the emulator but on the phone itself.



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    Re: Long strings appearing with ellipsis on the acutal phone

    The rules of List say that the implementation is allowed to do this, and is not required to show you the complete item. You can request:

    But the device does not have to honour that request.

    If you need it to show more... I'm afraid you have to implement your own list. For example, use a Form with Items that have Commands attached to them, or use a Canvas and draw your own. Other alternative, use a UI library like LWUIT.


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    Re: Long strings appearing with ellipsis on the acutal phone

    Which emulator do you use?

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